Growing with Fellow Leaders

Gathering with fellow leaders creates space to examine our challenges, learn from each other, and grow in our leadership health. We combine group coaching with our Healthy Leadership Foundations Course to strengthen your healthy mindsets, develop practical leadership tools, and create a plan to intentionally move forward. We call them partnerships, because we walk with you through each step, providing you with strategic guidance to not only lead yourself well, but to deal with the ongoing challenges of daily leadership.


Coaching Partnerships

Our Group Coaching takes place in 10 sessions over the course of 6 months. The first session is one-on-one with each individual member of the group. Each additional session we meet as a group to work on developing a new leadership tool or mindset and participate in group coaching discussions. The partnerships include the following:

  • 1 90-minute 1-on-1 session for each group member
  • 9 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • Access to coaching outside of sessions
  • Two personality assessments
  • Access to our Healthy Leadership Foundations Course
    • Learn about the Healthy Leadership Framework
    • Develop Self-Assessment routines
    • Learn about your personality type (including strengths, motivators, and levels of emotional health)
    • Build a Circle of support with fellow leaders and mentors
    • Develop your personal purpose
    • Develop daily habits to invest in your leadership health
    • Learn to rest and recharge with an Intentional Rest Plan
    • Develop a 3-month strategic plan
    • Reset your success measures to focus on Sustainable Impact

Group Coaching Partnership Application

Several times a year, we put together groups with leaders from a variety of industries. Group coaching is also perfect for internal teams. If you have 4-6 leaders who need to grow their leadership capacity and team dynamics, these groups are incredibly effective.

Fill out the application below and we’ll follow up with an invite to a Zoom call or in-person meeting (depending on location) to discuss your story and how we can help.


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