Building a Thriving Organization

Think of a future version of your organization. You have a clearly defined purpose and your entire team has agreed on how you will move forward. Your leaders at every level are healthy and thriving. Effective communication flows freely and the past toxic habits have been eliminated. Everyone is focused, impactful, and united — in a word, thriving. This version of your organization is not only more productive and sustainable, it is actually possible. We can partner with you through each step of this process, from developing or refining your purpose to equipping healthy leaders. Use the contact form to start a conversation about your organization. Before engaging with new partnerships, we begin with a free discovery meeting to learn more about the challenges you are facing so we can tailor a partnership specifically for you.

Purpose Development

We lead organizations through our Purpose Development Process, where we establish or rethink purpose, core truths, and guiding values. This process lays the foundation for agreement on who you want to be as an organization and how you will move forward. This shared purpose and focus on impact gives your team a common mountain to climb. You will have a shared vocabulary to use as you rethink systems and processes to fit the new vision of what your organization can be. Then we partner with you to equip your leaders to use the new purpose to lead the organization forward. A well-developed purpose should be more than just a banner that hangs on a wall. It should be the heartbeat of your team and a practical part of every conversation.



1-on-1 Executive Coaching Partnership

Our 1-on-1 Executive Coaching Partnership enables us to walk with key leaders to not only develop their own leadership foundation, but also guide them through the process of organizational transformation. We combine our Healthy Leadership Foundations Course with personalized coaching to help you rethink your leadership mindsets, develop healthy leadership tools, and create a plan to intentionally move forward.


Leadership Coaching Groups

For organizations doing the hard work of transformation, our Leadership Coaching Groups are designed for your leadership teams at all levels to learn and grow together. In addition to developing new leadership tools each session, it enables your teams to truly get to know each other, seeing the person behind the title. Inevitably, you will discover the other leaders share the same burdens you do. There is hope and encouragement that comes from leaders pouring into each other on a regular basis.



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