Forward Partners was founded to solve the ongoing challenge of burnout in leadership. We believe that healthy leaders can build thriving organizations that are able to be more impactful. Our name says it all — we want to point the way forward and then partner with leaders to chase their purpose.

Chad Wright

Founder + Coach


After 25 years in the marketing business and 15 years building my own companies, I began to see a shift in my career. As I looked around at all my fellow entrepreneurs and leaders, I was seeing similar signs of burnout and the fallout that comes from it. I began spending the majority of my time developing our Healthy Leadership Framework and coaching leaders to discover their purpose and defeat burnout. In 2018, we formalized everything with the founding of Forward Partners, and in the process I discovered my life’s purpose: to bring hope and clarity to every person I meet, impacting the lives of millions of leaders. Now I’m on a 40-year journey with my team to transform the future of leadership.

I live in Leander, Texas with my wife of 20 years, Rebecca. We have three sons, Colton, Conner, and Cody.

[email protected]


#5 - The Investigator

Wing #6 - The Loyalist



1. Activator
2. Strategic
3. Futuristic
4. Significance
5. Communication

Emily Deal

Marketing + Creative


I began working in design because I enjoy the challenge of bringing order and beauty to any project. When I started working for Forward Partners in 2019 I found a greater purpose behind the work I’m designing. Having a positive impact by helping people find purpose in their life and a little extra joy in their day is what I love doing.

My husband, Andy and I have been married for 4 years. We are raising two boys, August and Theodore in Jarrell, Texas. Our favorite part of being parents is going on adventures and sharing our love of movies and music. Best adventure is a road trip to the beach to recharge with an awesome playlist and plenty of snacks.


#2 - The Helper

Wing #1 - The Reformer



1. Connectedness
2. Strategic
3. Individualization
4. Empathy
5. Achiever