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Leadership Strategy

We partner with the executive leadership team to strategically develop the way forward. We’ll help you identify the leadership areas within your organization that will hold you back, and create a plan to equip them for the journey ahead.

  • 1-on-1 Strategic Leadership Coaching (Executive Leader)
  • Group Strategic Leadership Coaching (Leadership Team)
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Purpose Development

Our Purpose Development Process is designed to provide you with the foundation to build your thriving team on. This process will give you an agreed upon purpose, defining the impact your team is meant to have. With the core truths and guiding values, you’ll now have a framework to clarify how you and your team will lead the way forward. This shared language will become the most talked about part of your organization, ensuring it has a practical, daily impact on your team.

  • Purpose Development Process
  • Unveiling the new purpose to your entire organization
  • Leadership training to use the new purpose
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Leadership Coaching

A thriving team requires healthy leaders through every part of the organization. In this phase, we begin coaching with individual leaders and groups to equip them to lead well. Most people are put into positions of leadership with little training about how to actually lead people. We’re going to solve that problem for you, equipping healthy leaders who are able to lead their teams to thrive and grow.

  • Ongoing 1-on-1 and Group Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Retreat Trainings
  • Online and Live Leadership Courses

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