Unlocking You Personality Workshop
Unlock your impact by understanding you.

You are uniquely designed to have an impact with your life. Understanding how you are designed can help you unlock the potential for multiplied impact. Why do you make choices? What are you afraid of? What motivates you? How do you communicate?

From work to home, being able to answer these questions will affect how you lead yourself. Join us for Unlocking You Personality Workshop. It will give you the knowledge to choose a healthy, impactful version of yourself every day. 

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Unlocking You Personality Workshop
3-day intensive training to equip your people to lead people.

People are often promoted into leadership, but not trained to actually lead people. In a fast-paced organization, they are simply expected to figure it out as they go — a long, difficult, and often damaging process. It’s time to ensure that your leaders are fully equipped to lead.

The Approach: Leadership Intensive is a three-day leadership workshop designed to give your leaders the tools to lead themselves and build thriving teams.



Chad is very engaging as a speaker and teacher. It is immersive and offers a chance for individuals and groups to truly get more than advertised. Whether it is an active room or a class of introverts, Chad’s style relaxes the audience and truly gets them to learn more about the subject and themselves.

Tony Moline, President & CEO
Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce

Forward Partners’ impact has been felt not only by me but those closest to me. When I first started, I had ideas but was overwhelmed with the execution and burnt out from trying to manage on my own. Chad helped me narrow in on my values, understand my mission, and gave me tools to live my purpose with minimal burnout.

Calla Walshe, Founder & Co-Host
Have the Conversation Podcast

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