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It's time for a new approach to leadership training. 


It’s 2023. Hiring quality candidates is increasingly difficult, and employee engagement continues to fall. To solve these problems you need healthy leaders at every level. People are often promoted into leadership, but not trained to actually lead people. In a fast-paced organization, they are simply expected to figure it out as they go — a long, difficult, and often damaging process. It’s time to ensure that your leaders are fully equipped to lead.

The Approach: Leadership Intensive is a two-day leadership workshop designed to give your leaders the tools to lead themselves and build thriving teams.

Learn to lead a thriving team.

Improve Communication

Effective communication is a vital key to helping your teams thrive.

Increase Team Engagement

Healthy leaders cultivate influence and inspire engagement.


People don’t quit companies, they quit bosses. Give them leaders instead.
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The Curriculum

Day 1: Leading Yourself

The goal of day one is to equip leaders with the tools to show up as healthy leaders every day. This includes two personality assessments to be taken ahead of time.

  • Healthy Leadership Introduction
  • Breakout: Personality & Communication
  • Breakout: Leadership Mindset
  • Valuing & Modeling Rest
  • Q&A Discussion

Day 2: Leading Thriving Teams

Day two is focused entirely on leading thriving teams. We’ll give you the tools and frameworks to navigate the interpersonal challenges of leading people. 

  • The Value of Purpose & Impact
  • The Framework for Thriving Teams
  • Cultivating Influence & Leading Up
  • Team Member Growth & Getting Unstuck
  • Q&A Discussion

Ongoing Partnership

In addition to pointing the way forward, we want to partner with you on you journey. Ongoing support ensures the things you learn can be implemented in your daily leadership. 

  • Access to the Healthy Leadership Foundation Course — 10 Online sessions that dive even deeper into healthy leadership development. ($500 Value)
  • 12 Months of Ongoing Leadership Development Content ($240 Value)
  • 3 Quarterly Leadership Roundtable Zoom Sessions ($300 Value) 

Who benefits from The Approach?

Experienced Leaders

Equip your experienced leaders with the tools to navigate team discord and get them unstuck.

New Supervisors

Give your newly-promoted supervisors the foundational tools they need to truly lead.

Future Leaders

Invest in the future of your leadership by equipping people ready to move to the next level.
The Approach: Leadership Intensive



N E X T   E V E N T

Fall 2023

Announcing details for our next intensive soon.
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What is The Approach?

Before you get to the point of climbing a mountain, you must traverse “the approach”. It is the long stretch of rough ground that must be crossed in order to get to the place where the climb begins. Often, climbers will become frustrated during the approach because they are so eager to climb. Unfortunately they waste that vital time — the approach is when you do final checks, both mental and physical, to ensure you are fully equipped for the climb.

Likewise, many people skip the approach in their careers, promoting into leadership without being fully equipped to lead. Like climbing a mountain without the proper training, leading without preparation can be dangerous. With The Approach: Leadership Intensive, we create space to equip your leaders for their climb. We ensure they have the tools, training, and ongoing partnership needed to lead thriving teams to the top.

Meet The Coaches

Chad Wright Photo

Chad Wright

After 25 years in the marketing business and 15 years building my own companies, I began to see a shift in my career. As I looked around at all my fellow entrepreneurs and leaders, I was seeing similar signs of burnout and the fallout that comes from it. I began spending the majority of my time developing our Healthy Leadership Framework and coaching leaders to discover their purpose and defeat burnout. In 2018, we formalized everything with the founding of Forward Partners, and in the process I discovered my life’s purpose: to bring hope and clarity to every person I meet, impacting the lives of millions of leaders. Now I’m on a 40-year journey with my team to transform the future of leadership.

I live in Leander, Texas with my wife of 20 years, Rebecca. We have three sons, Colton, Conner, and Cody.

I’m fired up to partner with you on your journey to become a more impactful leader. Let’s go.

Chad Wright Photo

Becky Henderson

Becky Henderson is creator, founder, and principal coach of The Plenteous Life, a system of advanced personal mastery tools and services for professionals committed to growth, vitality, and purpose.

For more than 25 years, Becky has been an executive coach, professional counselor, and mentor in the field of human transformation and development. From former sex slaves in South Asia to CEOs in Austin, TX, Becky has assisted in the transformation of over 20,000 people both domestically and internationally. She is extraordinary at empowering others to become the intentional creators of their own most deeply satisfying lives.

Becky holds an MA in counseling psychology from The University of Texas at Tyler and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas. As an Executive Transformation Coach, Becky helps The Innovator Leader in business eliminate the three greatest threats to their impact and productivity — scarcity, strain, and stagnation — leaving them unstoppable in doing what they were born to do.

Becky lives in Austin, Texas. She loves live music, salsa dancing, traveling the globe, and laughing with — and at — her smartass husband.

I help the Innovator Leader create more than enough of what matters to them.