Leadership Foundation Course

10-Session Online Course to Level Up Your Leadership and Unite Your Teams


Learn to show up as a healthy leader, win the battle against burnout, and multiply your team’s impact.

Unhealthy leadership will rob your team of time, money, and impact.
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Facilitate Leadership Development Groups For Your Team

The Leadership Foundation Course is designed to be experienced as a team. It opens up new levels of trust, productivity, and impact. With this course, you and your team can meet regularly to work through each session, and have deep conversations about the challenges you are currently wrestling with. The included Facilitator Guide gives you the framework to facilitate each session.



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Each session includes a teaching video and digital workbook.

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Leadership Foundation Course


  • 10 Sessions
  • 10 Teaching Videos
  • 10 Digital Workbooks
  • 2 Personality Assessments
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Additional Videos & Resources


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Session Topics

Each session of the Leadership Foundation Course provides a new mindset or tool to help you lead yourself to win the battle against burnout. Each session includes a teaching video and digital workbook to help you develop the latest tool. You can go through each session yourself, or even better, alongside your team as a leadership development group.

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At the most painful transition point of my life, I felt like I was on the verge of losing my family, my business, and my identity. This course is the culmination of all the tools and mindsets I learned to help me lead myself. These lessons were learned the hard way, and my hope is you can avoid some of the same pain and pitfalls I experienced. Through writing, teaching, and coaching I want to further a movement dedicated to healthy leadership, thriving teams, and Sustainable Impact.

My team and I at Forward Partners are committed to creating a future where you and your team have the tools to thrive. We’re constantly developing new resources to support leaders in public service and beyond.

I’m fired up to partner with you on your journey to become a more impactful leader. Let’s go.