Energize Your Audience and Team

A successful event leaves the audience with new perspectives, hope, and excitement. Whether you are hosting an event or need to equip your team, we have a proven approach to energize your audience. With each event, we work to connect deeply with your people, setting them on a path toward healthy leadership. Our goal is that each person walk away with new ideas alongside practical next steps to grow in their life and leadership.




Defeating Burnout with Healthy Leadership
We’ll help your team understand how burnout is robbing them of impact, productivity, and success. Then we’ll talk them through practical steps to begin to defeat burnout and show up as a healthy leader each day.

Personality & Communication
Helping teams truly understand themselves and each other will improve communication and productivity. Prior to the workshop we have your team take two assessments (Enneagram and CliftonStrengths) and then walk through through the results. This gives them a deep understanding of why they make choices, how they communicate, and most importantly, what a very healthy version of them looks like.

Leading Thriving Teams
Building thriving teams takes intentionality. We equip leaders to better understand what a thriving team looks like and how they can invest in each person to grow. Thriving teams are able to grow their productivity and impact, while also defeating burnout.



For every event, we like to fully understand the audience so we can make sure we provide as much value as possible. Once we know more about our audience we can customize our content to fit their challenges.

Keynote Speeches
From 30 minutes to an hour, we have a variety of short leadership talks, and can include a Q&A time at the end.

Small Group Workshops
We lead small group workshops on a variety of leadership topics. These are perfect to use internally with small teams from the same organization, or a group of leaders from across industries.

Half-Day & Full-Day Trainings
Based on your team’s needs, we can customize our leadership training to fit within a half-day or full-day timeframe. With each one, the goal is for them to walk way with a new way of thinking about leadership and practical tools to lead themselves and others.

Multi-Day Retreats
When we work deeply with organizations, it’s helpful to spend a lot of time together, building a foundation for the future. We work with organizations to develop purpose, train healthy leaders, and build a thriving teams. Having several days together allows us to fully understand the organization, and build a sense of team-work so we can move forward together.

We would love to hear more about your event and see exactly how we can help.


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