Unlock your impact by understanding you.

You are uniquely designed to have an impact with your life. Understanding how you are designed can help you unlock the potential for multiplied impact. Why do you make choices? What are you afraid of? What motivates you? How do you communicate?

From work to home, being able to answer these questions will affect how you lead yourself. Join us for Unlocking You Personality Workshop. It will give you the knowledge to choose a healthy, impactful version of yourself every day.


Choose to be a
Healthier Leader

By knowing what is possible with a healthy version of you, you can make choices to intentionally be that each day. This will increase your positive impact on everyone you lead.

Build Better Teams

Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know the type of people you need to surround yourself with to build more effective, impactful teams. Great at strategy? Hire executors. Great at relationships and getting things done? Partner with a visionary.

More Effectively

We often communicate the way we like to hear. Unfortunately that means we often fail to connect with others in an effective way. Understanding this will allow you to contextualize your communication for others.

Enneagram + StrengthsFinder

The most important factor in understanding you is knowing what you are capable of when you are unhealthy or healthy. The journey of leadership is ultimately about which version of you that you choose to be each day. Choose healthy and you’ll have an unimaginable positive impact. Choose unhealthy, and you’ll do an unbelievable amount of damage to everyone around you. To facilitate this understanding, We use a combination of Enneagram and StrengthsFinder (now called CliftonStrengths). These two assessments are unique in the things they assess, but also tie together with this view of unhealthy versus healthy. In addition to helping you understand your results, we’ll help you learn about each of these revolutionary systems.

Meet The Coach

Chad Wright

Founder + Coach

I’m so excited to help you better understand your personality, because I know how much it can impact your life. It changed mine completely. Once I learned what my core fear was, I was able to make better decisions, no longer letting fear do it for me. I became more confident in my unique design, and was better able to be vulnerable with the people I lead. Knowing what an unhealthy version of me looks like, I’m now able to spot those aspects before they really take over, and do something about it. Discovering the impact a truly healthy version of me was capable of, I began to seek that impact every day. I started making better choices to align me with the impact I’m meant to have.

I’m fired up to partner with you on your journey to become a more impactful leader. Let’s go.


"It doesn’t take long to realize that Chad is living his purpose as he leads you and your organization to find yours. He knows what questions to ask, challenges where you need to be challenged, and does all of this in a dynamic, practical way."

Keith Abbott

Executive Pastor of
Discipleship & Mission,
Life Church

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